The Story Behind The Playwright

It was a sunny Thursday afternoon when I rushed across London, all the way to Wimbledon, to shoot the lovely Slovenian playwright, Vesna Hauschild

Vesna H
Vesna Hauschild, Playwright & Performer

Vesna contacted me a week earlier interested in some promotional photos for a play she’s starring in. Vesna is part of the cast of Pen and Rose Productions in their new devised show, The River Spirit, touring the UK this September. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her right from the start. After a long Slovenian coffee Barcaffè break, chatting about the shoot and getting to know each other, we moved to her beautiful back garden where we created some awesome images like the one above. We had so much fun with fluffy clouds and warm sun, we even had a cute cat drop by to strike a pose or two with the neighbour.

Vesna is an award winning playwright, script writer, actress, vegetarian chef and traveller 🙂

When we finished with the outdoor part I set up my portable studio and began with some headshots where I experimented with a few black-and-white shots. Overall I’m absolutely delighted with the end result and what counts the most, the client was thrilled, giving me some amazing feedback.

Playing with flowers
Eyes Portrait Actress
Stunning eyes

About Vesna:

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Facebook: VesHausCh1ld

Twitter: Ves_HausChild

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