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Night Sky In Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Office Trip To My Home-town Ljubljana

It was a great pleasure and honour to take my 22 architect co-workers for an office trip to my home-town of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Unfortunately I only snapped a few with my phone since I was so busy touring around and discovering everything about the brilliant Joze Plecnik.

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The Entrance to the Žale Cemetery

One Evening In Ljubljana, Slovenia

I had a quick trip home to Ljubljana last week. It was raining all five days and these are the photos from the only evening I managed to get my Nikon out and about. It was cold and wet but with a bit of help from my two best friends, it was all worth it.

Cevljarski Most, Cobblers' Bridge, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Cobblers’ Bridge, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Story Behind The Playwright

It was a sunny Thursday afternoon when I rushed across London, all the way to Wimbledon, to shoot the lovely Slovenian playwright, Vesna Hauschild

Vesna H

Vesna Hauschild, Playwright & Performer